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Love + Healing + Peace Crystal Grid

NewMoon Collective

Love + Healing + Peace Crystal Grid  

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Crystal grids are a super-powerful energy tool to use when manifesting your intentions, desires and goals

Love + Healing +Peace

This Crystal Grid is full of energy to encourage love and healing and peace

In this set you will receive

1x  Flower of Life Crystal Board

1 x Rose Quartz Point and 

6 x Rose Quartz Crystal Tumbles - Crystal of Love. Divine Love, Self Love, Romantic Love, Platonic Love, Unconditional Love.

6 x Amethyst Crystal Tumbles -brings peace and healing promotes the love of the divine.

6 x Clear Quartz tumbles - to amplify your intention

you will receive this exact Grid with detailed description card. 

 RRP $120 if purchased separately 



Crystal Grids are made with locally crafted, specialty laser ply from gorgeous Australian woods. The plywood is 3mm thick and are 20cm. Due to the natural qualities of real wood, each piece will be unique in colour and grain.