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Protection Crystal Pack
NewMoon Collective

Protection Crystal Pack

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Protection Pack Includes 6 Crystals with Calico Draw String Pouch

Protect yourself and your space from negative energy, as well as protecting your mental and emotional state from harmful, destructive thoughts & behavior.


Snow Flake Obsidian- Protects from negative emotions and energies both yours and the people around you.

Smokey quartz- Grounding and protective, and can transform negative energy into positive energy

Black Tourmaline- Protection against all negative energies and puts a energetic boundary between you and others, so that you don’t pick up other people’s negative energy

Bronzite- Has an energy that helps to promote peace and harmony

Hematite- Is one of the most powerful grounding stones, it absorb any toxic emotions holding you back from joy and happiness.

Jet- Helps to draw out negative energy and unreasonable fears and protects against violence and illness.