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New Mum Crystal Pack
NewMoon Collective

New Mum Crystal Pack

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New Mums Crystal Pack Includes 7 Crystals with Calico Draw String Pouch 

This Crystal pack has 7 Crystals chosen for new Mums, it will help with postpartum healing, bonding with a new baby, and crystal healing support throughout this transformational period.


Rose Quartz - for unconditional love for self and baby. This crystal emits a vibration of compassion.

Amethyst - for protection of both Mother and child, emits are calming, soothing energy to aid sleep.

Flourite - for mental clarity during this period, it helps combat anxiety.

Hematite - for grounding and to help with blood flow and combatting fatigue.

Moonstone - for restoring balance to your hormones.

Lepidolite - for help navigating transitions and change. It also helps with "baby blues", this stone includes lithium.

Clear Quartz - the master healer, offers nurturing and will amplify all crystals around it.