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Large Rose Quartz Slab
Large Rose Quartz Slab
NewMoon Collective

Large Rose Quartz Slab

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 This Gorgeous Rose Quartz slab is a bring pink colour and weighs just over a kilo. 

 Rose Quartz Slabs are the perfect styling tool for all of your jewellery, it will infuse any belongings you place on top with love, kindness and compassion. pretty to look at as a display piece as well!

Rose Quartz the Crystal of Love. Divine Love, Self Love, Romantic Love, Platonic Love, Unconditional Love.

Rose Quartz is a Crystal of Compassion and a powerful stone for deepening relationships of any kind. It can also enhance sensuality and support fertility, it wards off nightmares and soothes anxiety and tension. 

 Chakra : Higher Heart + Heart

Note- All Crystals have been photographed in natural lighting. No filters have been use to capture every Crystals natural beauty.

Price Is for 1 Crystal. You will receive this exact Crystal.

Weight- 1033 grams 

Length at longest point-170mm

Width at thickest point-14mm