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Earth Blend- Infused with  Rainbow Flourite & Clear Quartz Crystals
Earth Blend- Infused with  Rainbow Flourite & Clear Quartz Crystals
NewMoon Collective

Earth Blend- Infused with Rainbow Flourite & Clear Quartz Crystals

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Earth Blend

Infused with Rainbow Fluorite & Clear Quartz Crystals.

 Made with 100% High grade Essential oils

Eucalyptus - help to provide a protective shield against illness, especially if you have a low immune 

Patchouli -Patchouli can help one to feel at peace within their physical body

Rosemary - is known to be energizing and reviving. It clears mental confusion and soothes feelings of tension.

Cedawood -  the oil of ‘Inner Strength', it is comforting & promotes emotional balance

Infused with Rainbow Fluorite & Clear Quartz Crystals

Rainbow fluorite- eliminates negative energies and it's uplifting, mentally soothing and brings peacefulness. 

 Clear Quartz - manifesting positive energy and vibes.


Please note : Our candles are individually hand poured- Please allow a 5 day making process before shipping.

These candles are approx 300gms of wax and made from products sourced from Australian suppliers, and they are hand poured here in Perth Western Australia with love.

The candles are made from Soywax and are fragranced with 100% Essential Oils. You will find that with Soywax, the fragrance is more subtle than with other waxes. However, it does not omit harsh chemicals into the environment. It is the same with the Essential Oil verses Fragrance Oils. The fragrance is subtle however has no harsh chemicals.



For your safety, please do not burn your candles for longer than 3 hours at a time & once extinguished, you must wait at least 2 hours before relighting the candle. Never leave a lit candle unattended and keep them up high, out of reach from children & pets.

First Burn

Soy wax has a memory, so when you first light your candle it is best to let it burn and melt the wax until it reaches the outside rim of the glass container, this will ensure consistent burning and maximise the effects. Also, please note that all care is taken. However, the candles may contain traces of other essential oils.