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Aquamarine  + Clear Quartz Crystal + Tillandsias Terrarium
Aquamarine  + Clear Quartz Crystal + Tillandsias Terrarium
NewMoon Collective

Aquamarine + Clear Quartz Crystal + Tillandsias Terrarium

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 Aquamarine + Rainbow Fluorite+ Clear Quartz Crystal Tillandsias Terrarium 


What better way to connect to our Mother Earth! 


This Gorgeous hanging Crystal + air plant Terrarium, has Aquamarine Crystal Chips with a Gorgeous Rainbow Fluorite Point and a Clear Quartz rough point Crystals


Aquamarine- helps you to relax and let go of resistance. It endows the wearer with happiness and harmony as it brightens the aura. Aquamarine resonates with the energy of the ocean, making it one of the most powerful crystals for calming.



Rainbow Fluorite eliminates negative energies and it's uplifting, mentally soothing and brings peacefulness. 

Chakra - Heart - Throat - Third eye


Clear Quartz can do it all, it's known for it's positive energy and harmonizing effects. Clear Quartz will emit calming energy and promote clarity of thought, helping you to focus on your dreams. It is full of light, transmitting negative energy and bathing you and your surroundings in positive energy. 


Chakra-Higher Crown- Crown



Tillandsias, or more commonly known as Air Plants, are easy to care for. They live off air and some water, no soil required. They will strive in any well lit area indoors, especially by the window sill.


It is recommended to mist them with plain water using a spray bottle once a week and 2 -3 times during the warmer months.


Air plants are non-toxic to dogs and cats.








Please not this is Perth pick up only- Due to the air plant.